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CL is Asia's leading education service provider led by a team of IIT-IIM alumni, with a passion for academic excellence, technological innovation and domain expertise to succeed in fulfilling its desire for excellence.

The Young India Challenge is a country-wide Quiz contest that is meant to aspire and provide the youth with a platform to excel. This innovative challenge is to bring out your best, at every stage by pitting yourselves against others to realize your true potential. It is more than just a contest, it’s an opportunity to showcase your intellect and brilliance on this platform, at a national-level. So, Aspire with us, Innovate, and prove your mettle against the very best


This challenge is open to all enterprising youngsters, in any year of graduation who are keen to explore the potential of their abilities and ambitions.

YIC Winners

The clash of the titans is over and the best brains of the country have finally emerged victorious

We are happy to announce the YIC 2016 Champions.


Team: Someone's gonna get hurt real bad

Satheesh T R

Samyuktha R

1st Runners Up

Team: Legionnaires



2nd Runners Up

Team: Doctors, Who?

Syed Murtuza Hashmi

Faisal Uddin

Wild Card Entry

The online contest for Wild Card Entry is over and it’s been an exciting journey to see 165 teams across India competing to be the winner.

We are happy to announce YIC 2016 Wild Card Entry Winners.

Team: Vipers Delhi

Vishal Parashar

Harman Singh Jolly

Team: Doctors, Who? Hyderabad

Syed Murtuza Hashmi

Mohammed Faisal Uddin

CL Young India Challenge 2016

Quiz Format

Round 1 | August 2016

College Prelims

Over 30,000 participators for the college prelims, 8 colleges from each city had qualified for the city prelims as they advanced on to take up the next neeve wrecking challenge on their way to glory.

Round 2 | September 2016

City Prelims

50 Cities from 20 states competed to be the best to advance to the next round from each city. 2 Wild Card Entry winners proved their mettle against all odds to reach the Regional Rounds. What will be their fate in the next round of intellectual brain games ?

Round 3 | October 2016

Regional Prelims

The best 12 of the top 100 teams, from 5 regions qualified to compete in the two semi-finals as the battle for the Big Stage had gathered momentum.

Round 4 | October 2016

National Finals

The top 6 teams stood the test of elimination and qualified for the National Finals. The best emerged victorious.

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